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How the TIARA Shower Cap Compares to a Regular Shower

Written by TIARA SHOWER CAP — July 01, 2020

How the TIARA Shower Cap Compares to a Regular Shower

When it comes to hair care, a good shower cap is an essential part of the routine. Nothing beats a shower cap that acts as a shield to protect and prevent your hair from getting frizzy or drenched in water. We’ve created a shower cap that doesn’t have the issues of a traditional one and works as your perfect shower solution.  

A Shower Cap That Protects Your Skin

Regular shower caps that you’ll find in supermarket aisles will not protect your hairstyle from getting ruined and they can leave a painful red mark across your forehead that can cause wrinkles. The standard elastic bands are too tight for many people. Our shower cap is comfortable to use and will not make you compromise that in order to keep your style secure.

Your Style Ruined in Less Than A Minute

Regular shower caps are not sufficiently waterproof. Ours are made to ensure that your hair is fit and secure while keeping the water out. Many women opt out of shower caps when they use one that doesn’t do the job right, however that’s why we’ve created TIARA to fit all your needs.

A Long-Term Investment - Pay 24.99 now and save a lot more in the future.

Traditional shower caps are entirely made of disposable plastic. You have to discard them after only a few washes, and repeatedly purchase new ones. All that plastic gets dumped in the oceans or is collected in landfills, which is very harmful to the environment. According to the New York Times, there are 87,000 tons of plastic floating in the sea. This is distributed over roughly the size of Texas in the form of tiny bits called microplastic.

TIARA Shower Cap® is a reusable and long-lasting sustainable product that is creatively designed to save you money and provide maximum comfort with its unique fit. It is made from recycled plastic which prevents pollution and conserves natural resources. All Tiara shower caps are machine washable and will save you a significant amount of money. By spending only US$ 19.99 dollars once, you can save hundreds of dollars in the future and protect the environment.


A Shower Cap on A Mission

 Have you ever heard about a revolutionary multi-functional shower cap that also nourishes your hair? When you use the reverse side of the TIARA while applying hair masks, the eco-friendly fabric heats up according to your head temperature. This allows all hair treatments to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, providing complete and equal nourishment for every strand. It is entirely creaseless, and the elastic band prevents wrinkles while you fashion the latest colorful and eccentric hand-printed designs.

 You should never settle for less when you can have the best because nothing beats a TIARA Shower Cap. Introduce our innovative shower cap to your regular hair routine now and see the difference for yourself here: