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Marina M.

Nice Fit

The shower cap is comfortable - not too tight.


Love, love, love

Oh my gosh, I love this! It fits well and the liner inside is soft and warm!

Lisa Bradford

I love the way it fits on my head

Wow! TIARA Shower Cap just took up my shower experience and reduced my getting ready time! I love the way it fits on my head - capturing all my hair and not leaving any marks on my forehead! The design is also fun and the terry cloth inside is very comfortable. I bought some for my friends as every woman should have this new beauty secret!

Crystal Smith

Highly recommended

I don’t normally use shower caps but have been aiming to wash my hair less. The last shower cap I used was so uncomfortable--so much pinching--that I pretty much gave up on the idea. Then I tried the TIARA. It is so comfortable and fits so well. My hair stays completely dry and there is no tightness or pinching on my forehead at all. It’s also great for hair masques. I reversed the TIARA to use with an argan oil conditioning treatment, then simply washed it in the machine and hung it to dry. It was as good as new and ready to use again. Highly recommended.

Rebecca Hester

It is the Louis Vuitton of shower caps

The TIARA is completely different from your usual shower cap. The fit is secure and comfortable and I’ve never had a problem with water getting in. It has exceptional coverage so all my hair fits inside. It washes beautifully, and the terry cloth has stayed soft after several spins in the washing machine. I highly recommend the TIARA. It is the Louis Vuitton of shower caps.

Valentina Shevchik

I am so delighted to finally find this amazing shower cap for my hair

I am so delighted to finally find this amazing shower cap for my hair. It is so soft and comfy you would not want to take it off even after you had a shower! It really protects my hair everyday as it doesn't let a single drop of water touch my hair when I don't need to wash it.... You can use it for special spa hair treatments and walk around your home "in style" as it is simply beautiful! I have recommended this product to all my friends and family and they could not be happier just as well as me! Love it! Love it! Love it! What a great Invention for all us - Beautiful Women!

Iryna Dudka

What a freat "find" for my Long curly hair

What a great "find" for my Long curly hair. I've tried different shower caps but nothing protected my hair the same as this "Tiara Shower Cap"! Now I don't need to straighten my hair every time after I take a shower which helps to restore and make my hair look really healthy and beautiful. ​ I am telling everybody what an amazing product this is...What a time saver for me!!!