No pinch  - Multitask Luxe Shower Cap



Save time. Enjoy your  "Me" time. Treat yourself!

Your hair stays dry guaranteed! TIARA Shower Cap® holds a utility patent,  does not pinch your forehead and keeps your hair dry. Its wide band fits securely across the forehead and blocks water and humidity completely. Terry lined with 100% cotton soft towel on the inside to enhance comfort and help wick away moisture. The waterproof fabric is made from recycled plastic.


•Your Hair Stays Dry - Revolutionary wide band design that fits perfectly keeping your style intact.

•Say goodbye to smelly shower caps. TIARA Shower Cap® is machine washable. Dry it and use it again!

•Save time and look cute every time, because we don’t wash our hair everyday.

•Take care of your forehead. The TIARA does not pinch your skin.

•Dual function : Unlike other shower caps, the TIARA is fully reversible, ideal for hair masques.

•Accommodates all lengths and hair styles.


Made from recycled plastic

Elastic band at the back that fits perfectly

100% Waterproof 

Terry Lined with 100% cotton terry cloth

Dual Function: Fully Reversible

Large and Very Comfortable

Designed to fit most heads



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