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Traditional shower caps are made entirely of disposable plastic. After only a few washes, they go into the trash and all that plastic gets dumped in the lake and oceans, or is collected in landfills. 

Functionally, the simplistic design of a traditional, plastic shower cap also fails to fully protect and keep hair dry. They usually leak and allow water and humidity to ruin the style you’re trying to protect.                                                 

Entrepreneur Zuly Matallana knew there had to be a better way. She worked with a group of Industrial engineers and designers to create a revolutionary product — the TIARA. 

Functionality – Water, Humidity, and Frizz are out!

Unlike traditional shower caps that have a simple, elastic, the TIARA features a 100% cotton terry cloth band on the inside of the cap, enhancing comfort, helping to wick away moisture and blocking water and humidity completely. The band fits securely across the forehead and looks very much like a TIARA — ultimately, what inspired the name of the brand.

Dual Function: The TIARA is fully reversible for hair masks

TIARA Shower Cap was designed with deep conditioning features in mind. Ideal for hair masques and deep conditioning treatments, simply turning TIARA inside out allows for the recycled fabric to absorb the heat from your head, ensuring a complete, deep conditioning that penetrates the hair shaft effectively. Once you complete your treatment, drop the cap in the washer and dryer to clean it. Forget all about smelly shower caps because this is the future!

Sustainability : Because there is no planet B!

TIARA was created by sourcing recycled, waterproof plastic fabrics. We are proud to be a part of then circular economy. TIARA shower cap is durable and easy to wash and dry.

"It is amazing to know that a sustainable shower cap can create such a global impact ."

Zuly Matallana, CEO, TIARA Bliss Inc.